About Us


Our story began in 1958 with a passion for coffee. Ourfactory is a leader in coffee productionrepresenting almost 66% of the Lebanesecoffee market alone, and has come to beknown in 53 countries abroad.In 1997, we have decided to open our first coffee shop in Beirut, Lebanon. Offering over 18 Lebanese coffee aromas roasted in our factory exclusively for La maison du café – Café Najjar. Seeing great success, a second shop followed shortly, and La maison du café now counts over 12 outlets in Lebanon and abroad!

At La Maison du Café Najjar, coffee beans are freshly grinded and prepared for you to have your perfect cup of coffee at all times!

Now in Dubai, we are proud to serve high quality food, along with entertainment live shows performed by oriental music bands. We also serve high quality Shisha with over 20 flavors and mixes to set the ambiance of the Mediterranean.

Enjoy your experience at La Maison du café – Café Najjar!